Rabbit Dental care

Just as it’s important for us to have regular dental check-ups, the same is true for your rabbit.

Your rabbit has at least twenty-eight teeth, which grow around 3mm every week – feeding a diet high in fibre is therefore essential in order to prevent excessive tooth growth. At least three quarters of your rabbit’s diet should comprise good quality grass and hay, as the constant chewing grinds the teeth down to compensate for their permanent growth. Fresh vegetables and rabbit pellets can then make up the rest of your pet’s daily food intake.

We recommend a routine dental examination for your rabbit every six months in order to ensure that any problems developing in the gums and teeth are identified and corrected early. Hopefully all will be well, but if any problems are detected we can examine your bunny’s mouth fully under anaesthetic and take x-rays to assess the roots of the teeth, just like a human dentist. This is particularly important for rabbits, as 80% of their teeth are below the gum line. We’ll thoroughly check your rabbit’s mouth for any loose or overgrown teeth and any sharp points and the sores that these can cause. We’ll always discuss the scope of our findings with you so that you are fully aware of the cost implications of any additional action required.

Our wonderful nurses also have lots of practical tips and advice to help you maintain the health of your pet’s teeth and gums – please ask us for our recommendations on suitable foods that will keep your rabbit healthy.